Work With Me

Do you like my blog? Are you inspired by my recipes? Then let me work with you!

I will Tweet, Instagram, Tumble, Like, Pin and Facebook you.

I love developing new recipes with upcoming products and products that have been on grocery shelves for years. Let me feature you and you feature me. My reward is clicks on my page and new dishes to create.

I love to do giveaways for my readers too! Share me a product to use in my recipe and let me share one with my readers.

I also love cookbooks-since I was 5! Let me review yours! I’ll pick my favorite recipe from your book or you pick one for me. And let me share the cookbook with a giveaway. One cookbook for me and one for my readers. I’ve already done a couple and have more in the works.

Do you have a brand you would like me to market? I can work with that too!

I proudly work with affiliates on my blog.

Thanks for reading!