About Me

This is me-Strike a pose!

This is me-Strike a pose!

Hi there.  My name is Saundra and this is my journey of creating the most appealing and healthy-or just plain delicious-meals targeted towards my family’s nutritional needs and my most picky of eaters, my middle child with autism.
Since I was a little girl, about 5 years old, I’ve been literally obsessed with cookbooks.  I could look at pictures of meals from magazines and books for hours.  My grandmother even cut out recipes for me, which I have to this very day!


My love of cooking and food projects into my everyday life.  I feel my most relaxed and creative self when I’m in the kitchen.  When I make meals, snacks and desserts for my family, I get the most thrill from their reaction.  It’s that feeling of “wow, I did something right”!  I’m a people pleaser!

johnny and boys

My famished fish-Nicolas, Angel, Jesse and Johnny


This is my family of Famished Fish.  We have three boys. And a baby girl.


Nicolas is 4 going on 12, full of energy, sincerity, and lots of genius!


My son Angel is 10.  He’s my mini me.  This boy will help me in the kitchen, help me around the house, and is just full of sweetness and responsibility, with a hint of attitude.

Jesse is 8.  Jesse is my ball of energy and emotion, strong willed and absorbing everything around him.  Jesse was diagnosed with ADHD and Autism halfway through his first year of school, during Kindergarten.

This was a new challenge for my family!  We are learning everyday of how to strengthen his weaknesses and increase his strengths, and a lot of that comes from his diet.  (Light bulb!  This is how my blog was born.)


Anneliese Roselia at 6 days old


Anneliese is new to our household, born last year on our 14th wedding anniversary!

johnny and i heart

Johnny and I at a friends wedding




Last but not least is my wonderful husband Johnny.  We have been best friends since before I graduated high school, though we did not go to school together. We met working next door to each other.  He is my soul mate, my one true love and the best father to our boys and little girl I could ask for.  We’ve been married 14 years this year!


Johnny and I both work, me full time, and he part time, while our boys spend their day in school.  Angel is in public school in the 5th grade and Jesse gets the benefits of being in a Special Day class through our local school district for 3rd grade.  Nicolas is a homebody for now until we get him back into preschool. He took a break when our work situations changed recently. After work our family gets through ABA therapy sessions for Jesse, or soccer practice or karate lessons, or bible study or date night.


On top of spaghetti…


But before that I go straight to the kitchen to get dinner going, while multi-tasking, breast feeding or helping with any more homework or kid stuff.  After a long day at work, I crave the kitchen time.  I am thinking all day what I can make for dinner, even if I’ve already make my weekly meal plan.  My family has the treat of rarely eating the same exact dish more than maybe 6 times a year, unless it’s a popular request, like spaghetti, meatball soup, or Mexican food.



Jesse and Angel

Some days the boys have karate, or Angel has soccer.  Jesse is now a third degree yellow belt, and Angel is an orange belt.  On these days I’ll have something in the crock, a quick 30 minute meal, or we will grab a quick bite out.


Our family free time and weekend time is spent camping in our pop up tent trailer (we love our Rockwood!), shopping, going to our son’s soccer games, heading to a movie, or a nice relaxing place outdoors.  We even participated in a family Mud Run in Temecula last year.  Our boys LOVED it and we are definitely going again next year.

Temecula Mud Run 2013

In Southern California we have the privilege of living within 45 minutes of beaches, mountains, lakes and deserts.

Fishing at Rancho Jurupa


Our boys love to fish.  This is one of our favorite campgrounds.  It’s only ten minutes from our home and literally across the street from Angel’s soccer game fields, so he never has to miss a game.  And look how beautiful it is!


Famished Fish, Finicky Shark

Big Brothers for Life!


So this is my journey, inspired by this finicky shark right here.  And in case you were wondering the name of this blog is actually derived from my son’s obsession of sharks and all things sea creatures.  Love this kid!  So follow me, and let’s learn together, the best way to keeping our families healthy and fit, and introducing their palettes to a world of vibrant foods and tastes.

Jesse and his favorite dog Lily. Lily is wearing a shark costume!