Lightened Up Charro Beans and Baked Taquitos


So you’ve ate all the turkey you could eat and shopped all the Black Friday sales you could shop. The holiday season is approaching there is no better time to focus on you. Put the stretchy pants away, remain focused and healthy and get a jump start on your New Year’s resolution, if it’s getting in shape and eating right of course.

That’s what I’m doing anyway. I’ve begun a new Beachbody workout routine by Shawn T called T25. I’m on day 3 and love it so far! But to work the body you need to fuel the body. And I’m gonna do it all around the world.

Starting off with Charro Beans. In case you’ve never heard of this wonder food, it is typically a large pot of pinto beans cooked almost like a soup, with chunks of chorizo, bacon and maybe hot dogs, with a large ham hock for flavor and plenty of tomatoes, onions and chiles. Topped with cilantro it is goodness in a bowl. You can order this dish at many Mexican restaurants by the name of Frijoles Charros de la Hoya, which means Charro Beans from the Pot.

But this doesn’t exactly sound like a clean way to start eating clean, so I’ve made this lighter version, based on this slow cooker recipe by Slender Kitchen, and oh is it good!

Here are the Charro Bean stars:

1 lb pinto beans
1 large onion
2 large tomatoes
2 jalapeños
3 cloves garlic
4 oz lean ground turkey
6 oz Canadian ham
1 Tb bacon grease
6 cups chicken broth
3/4 cup cilantro


First I quick soaked my beans in the morning. Pick through the beans for any rocks or dirt. Pour them in a large pot or bowl and cover them with boiling water you’ve heated in a kettle. Cover and let them soak all day, about 8-12 hours.

(You can also make these in a slow cooker all day! Pick through and rinse the beans as above and set aside; sauté everything as below; add the veggies to your slow cooker, then add the beans and boiling broth and set it for 8-10 hours.)

After the beans had soaked all day, I rinsed them under clean water and heated another kettle of water. Then I began by chopping the onion, tomatoes and jalapeños, mincing the garlic and dicing the Canadian ham. I browned the turkey and diced ham in the bacon fat in a large Dutch oven over medium heat.


When the turkey was browned, I added the onion, tomatoes, garlic and jalapenos and cooked until the onions were slightly tender, about 4 minutes.


Then I added the pinto beans.


I poured 6 cups of the boiling water over the bean mixture and added 6 tsp of chicken bouillon to make a chicken broth.


Then I covered the beans and let them cook about 1 hour and 20 minutes, until they were tender and gave when smashed with the back of a spoon.


That’s it. Then these were removed from heat, ladled into bowls and sprinkled with chopped cilantro for a fresh green taste.


My don’t those look good! My husband really enjoyed these-he had two bowls and ate it like soup.
Looking for a quick clean eating breakfast? Try making charro beans and egg whites!

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