A Change Would Do You Good

You know that song “A Change Would Do You Good”? I’m so excited about the changes coming to my blog soon. We are moving to WordPress! Why? Well for you guys of course! I would love for you all to be able to conveniently save and print out my recipes, and now that I feel so loved and all, I gotta share it. So I’m adding recipe cards, which are more easily accessible through WordPress. We are making changes folks. Big ones. So be ready.

So as I still pile on my recipes and continue creatively cooking and baking, I thought I’d catch up with you all here. I mean, if I’m going to have to convert everything, I thought it could wait a week, rather than adding more to my edit workload. I chose the “perfect” time to have my big brother David help me with this too. His company DK Designs, Inc., is relocating the week I happen to ask him. So…it’s taking awhile. Ahem, ahem, David. Love you bro!

My husband has been a big help. So much so that our littlest one is quite attached, as you can see below. He is still mastering eating with a child in his lap. I guess his technique is keeping him at arm’s length! Ba-doom-choo!

Between stressing over my fevered 2 year old (reason he grew more attached to his daddy this week, staying home with him and all) and wracking my brain helping my autistic son with homework, I’ve been exhausted at all ends. I’ve got all 3 boys back in school now.

In all this back-to-school craziness, I’ve managed to get

back on my health train and get some Pilates in this past week and some creative healthy cooking done. But my baby passed on his cold to me and I’m tiiiired.

So I thought I’d give you a teaser of what I’ve been up to…
My son Angel had his first soccer game this past Saturday. The Red Bulls tied the other team 3-3. I forgot my good camera that day, but here is my iPhone shot!
My husband and I, along with our pack of boys enjoyed a family wedding shower for a cousin that evening. It didn’t take long for our Jesse to decide to pour soda on a cousin’s hair. But hey, we had a some fun. I was only halfway into a beer in this picture, lol. Mommy needed some de-stressing!
And the next day, Sunday, after the boy’s school Open House and lunch at Bravo Burger, we hit up this cute little store my friend Christine told me about at the Brea Mall. I got a whole lot of bento box stuff for my kids lunches. So far I’ve made them pepperoni pizza pocket sandwiches and sweet carrot sticky rice with spam.
I made the family a warm split pea and potato chicken soup Monday night. That was good. We had these Vegan Carrot Cake cookies for dessert. The boys would not stop eating these!
Angel caught a praying mantis a week ago. I’ve been feeding it whatever bugs I find. This night a moth flew inside the house and landed in my lap. I caught it and threw the little guy in with the mantis. Within minutes he saw his moth family in heaven. My boys all got a kick out of it! See the mantis hanging from the top of the cage?
And I had to do a pancake morning before school at least once this week. So this was Tuesday‘s breakfast-pumpkin protein pancakes. These were so good, I scrambled to write down what was in them! The first time I ever made pumpkin pancakes, I scorched them. These were perfect.
And then it was my suegra’s 71st birthday this week! So Tuesday night we went over for grilled carne asada and chicken. My sister-in-law makes yummy cakes!
Wednesday was a minimum day for Jesse, so I had an extra long time of homework with him at work. It’s times like these I am thankful for the toaster oven at work. Because then I can make myself melts like these!

I was finally able to get new cleats for Angel too! The place was closed on Monday. Thankful soccer practice was cancelled Tuesday. Angel’s toes were tired from his last game and it was his grandma’s birthdays anyways. Score! These were on clearance for $10! I love Soccer Junction.

Well I didn’t feel much like cooking this evening. I was tired-and I cooked at work, wink, wink. Don’t you hate it when your cold hits you like a ton of bricks? Look what we had for dinner-Taco Bell! I had a chalupa. Did you know you could make an “almost chalupa” using refrigerated biscuit dough? I’ll have to show you one day. The boys had the mini Pizza Hut pizza combos. Note to self: buy them a large pizza from the pizza parlor next time-it’s the same price.

And now it’s Thursday morning. I’m drinking tea and mentally preparing for the day. Our finicky shark has an appointment with his psychologist today. Let’s see how that goes. And Angel has soccer practice with his new cleats. Angel and Jesse were both supposed to start karate up again last night. Jesse may not want to do it anymore. Angel wants to wait one more week. We’ll see…

Wish me sanity through the end of the week friends. Until then, await the changes…they are gonna be awesome!

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    Hello?! You should have told me you went to Brea… I was there, too. Same day. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for the link love.

    Congrats on the move to WP. Tell your bro to pick it up. Will take him 10 minutes to do. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Vegan Carrot Cake Cookies… recipe?

    • says

      You’re welcome Christine! Yes I saw you went to Lorna Jane, and I told Johnny, I bet Christine was just here! We went at 5pm though.
      And those Vegan Carrot Cake Cookies are coming… ๐Ÿ˜‰

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