Eggy on Top of my Frenchy


Last night my 2 year old asked me for French Toast. Clearly I was happy to accommodate him. I think we’ve both been on a French Toast kick since I made Peaches and Cream French Toast this past weekend.
But of course, I had to go over and beyond the basic French toast. I absolutely had to make my boys PB&J Oozers! And then mommy needed a grown up savory treat for brinner. What better choice for me than the Sun-dried Tomato Bread I made in my bread-maker earlier in the week to make Sun-Dried Tomato French Toast with Mozzarella, Egg, and Basil.


First off, I whipped up some milk and egg for dipping some whole wheat bread for the boys. I spread each slice of their breads with a half tablespoon of creamy peanut butter and added a dollop of strawberry jelly. Then I sandwiched them between my circle sandwich pocket press.
I set those pockets aside and dipped my sun-dried tomato bread real quick in the egg dip. Then I sprayed my non-stick griddle with coconut cooking spray and placed my breads on it to brown.
I then added a tablespoon of sugar to the remaining egg dip and quickly soaked each PB&J pocket to coat.
Then I placed them on the prepped griddle.


Then I broke 2 eggs on the griddle for my sandwich. I love my eggs over medium!


After flipping my pockets and sun-dried tomato bread

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