A Change Would Do You Good

You know that song “A Change Would Do You Good”? I’m so excited about the changes coming to my blog soon. We are moving to WordPress! Why? Well for you guys of course! I would love for you all to be able to conveniently save and print out my recipes, and now that I feel so loved and all, I gotta share it. So I’m adding recipe cards, which are more easily accessible through WordPress. We are making changes folks. Big ones. So be ready.

So as I still pile on my recipes and continue creatively cooking and baking, I thought I’d catch up with you all here. I mean, if I’m going to have to convert everything, I thought it could wait a week, rather than adding more to my edit workload. I chose the “perfect” time to have my big brother David help me with this too. His company DK Designs, Inc., is relocating the week I happen to ask him. So…it’s taking awhile. Ahem, ahem, David. Love you bro!

My husband has been a big help. So much so that our littlest one is quite attached, as you can see below. He is still mastering eating with a child in his lap. I guess his technique is keeping him at arm’s length! Ba-doom-choo!

Between stressing over my fevered 2 year old (reason he grew more attached to his daddy this week, staying home with him and all) and wracking my brain helping my autistic son with homework, I’ve been exhausted at all ends. I’ve got all 3 boys back in school now.

In all this back-to-school craziness, I’ve managed to get

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