School Clothes Shopping

Every little boys wants to hear, “Time for school-clothes shopping!” Right? Well not my 9 year-old. As you can tell, he was thrilled to be trying on clothes this year. (Do kids nowadays ever put down their gaming devices?)
The difference about school clothes shopping this year is that Angel is going back to private school. Which means school uniforms. Yep, my husband and I are blessed to be able to re-enroll him in private Christian school. And what better timing than the 4th grade! I’m all for kids dressing to express themselves, but if school is anything like it was when I was growing up, kids only like other kids in designer clothes, and bullying is nothing to look forward too.
Another perk of private school-very hard to get bullied in a Christian based learning environment. Especially with the very small class sizes.
Look at that swag in the Old Navy fitting room! Just a few quick grabs of his size clothes, trying on one of each, then going back for more color combinations and we were done!

How do you cheer up a mopey-don’t-feel-like-trying-on-clothes attitude? You make some silly faces of course!

And by the end of our fitting room fun, we’ve tried on two pairs of pants, one pair of shorts and one shirt.
But we left with store with 2 pairs of shorts, 4 pairs of pants, and 7 polo shirts-all for only $98 including sales tax. How many times have you been able to shop for an entire back to school wardrobe for under $100? One of the many perks of private schools. All his wardrobe will need is a few more fresher choices in the Spring.
Now all we have left is one of his favorite Shawn White hoodies from Target and some fashionable name brand sneakers from our favorite Ross. I found some really cute Perry the Platypus Etnies from Ross for my son Jesse just two weeks ago for only $20!
A few school supplies and we are done.
Because no one likes the headaches of Back-To-School shopping right?
Where are your favorite places to shop for Back-To-School?

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