Hot Coco Cocoa

Every kid loves a sweet cup of hot chocolate. But not every parent wants to use the dry packets sold in stores, which are full of artificial sweeteners and dried milk fats.

I love to make my kids the most nutritional foods possible, even when it comes to their beverages. Especially for my finicky shark with autism. He needs as much healthy fats that I can squeeze into his growing body.

So I created this hot chocolate, made with skim milk full of calcium, coconut milk with plenty of nutrients, and semi-sweet chocolate chips-the healthy fat chocolate.

Hot Coco Cocoa

8 oz skim milk
3 oz coconut milk
2 Tb semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 Tb sugar

Heat all ingredients in a small saucepan and whisk until combined and frothy. Makes two 6 oz servings. I love to use my Mr. Coffee Latte Maker for this recipe. I just add all the ingredients to the pot and switch it on. It froths the Coco Cocoa to the perfect drinking temperature.

Serve this sweet and creamy hot chocolate with cookies, biscuits, or my Coconut Lemon Scones with Chia Seeds. So delicious.

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