Churro Muddy Buddies – #SRC

Churro Muddy Buddies | Famished Fish, Finicky Shark

Another month of the The Secret Recipe Club means another month of sharing. I decided to share with my family again. Smart choice because my family inhaled these Churro Muddy Buddies by Cheese Curd in Paradise. I brought them to a family birthday and they disappeared thirty minutes after the lid came off. Well, they…

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Coconut Cream and Date Cookies – #FillTheCookieJar

Coconut Cream and Date Cookies | Famished Fish, Finicky Shark

So aside from the cookies that I sampled tonight, I’ve been clean eating all week and it feels so wonderful to my body. And with inspiration from little ingredients throughout the week I used my coconut milk, flaked coconut and sweet dates and concocted a rich coconut cream cookie that dazzled my kids taste buds. My finicky…

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Chorizo Meatballs with Sweet Mole Sauce – Golden Girl Granola Recipe Challenge Entry

Chorizo Meatballs with Sweet Mole Sauce | Famished Fish, Finicky Shark

I’ve been slipping off the grid a little and I think I know why. My new schedule of picking up the kids from their grandma’s has cut into my meal brainstorming time. I used to drive home from work every night with my thoughts to myself, thinking about dinner and what my next creation would…

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Lemon Chicken and Broccoli


There’s a thing about Chinese food. It’s either super greasy and laden with salt, or it’s simple, lightly woked and bursting with freshness. I choose to make my Chinese food at home the latter way. I love my vegetables to be crisp tender and bright, therefore I blanch them. And I prefer my meats to…

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Cheesy Chili Tots – #SRC

Cheesy Chili Tots | Famished Fish, Finicky Shark

My finickiest shark has been on a chili fry kick since the beginning of summer. Yes, I know these are a bit on the fatty side, but he’s a bit on the thinner side, a nasty side effect of his ADHD medication. But a plus to chili fries is they are typically gluten free, and…

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